Should I get an MBA? I've worked for a year at a tech startup. Will it help my career?


Jessica Burlingame, Senior Admissions Consultant, The MBA Exchange®

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Your individual career goals, and the spectrum of experiences -- professional, academic, and personal -- that you will bring to any MBA program, will determine the best educational options in your case. Approaching Stanford in particular with just one year of full-time professional experience, though, will put you below the average of 4 years' full-time experience for students in the school's entering class this year (see for more details).

Often, clients of The MBA Exchange have found that additional years of full-time experience, pre-MBA, are extremely valuable to applicants. Not only can the additional time provide you with opportunities and expertise that make your case more compelling to admissions committees, but you may also be able to take better advantage of a school's offerings, and contribute more to the student and alumni communities, with the perspective afforded by longer and broader experience. However, Stanford entering students' average of 4 years' experience pre-MBA means that many students are admitted (and successful) with less! So the judgment call is ultimately yours, and you're wise to seek input before taking the plunge into applying to and entering any MBA program.

Fred Vasco, Writer

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Of course) It will help you a lot if you will get the right degree

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