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Is there any social life outside the Greek system?


Caitlin Flint, Undergraduate at Dartmouth College

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While the Greek system at Dartmouth is prevalent at Dartmouth, It is not the end all be all of social life at the college. Because students are not allowed to join Greek organizations until the beginning of their sophomore year, most students form extremely tight knit friend groups their first year through their residential clusters, classes and other clubs and organizations. One particular organization, the Dartmouth Outing Club (DOC) is particularly popular and frequently hosts events and social activities. The Collis Center for Student involvement, which hosts the offices of many of the student clubs, is a student union that runs a program called Collis After Dark that provides alternative programming events for students to attend. Some recent examples of Collis events include concerts, s'mores, dance parties, and movie screenings on weekend nights. Other clubs, like Friday Night Rock (FNR), have concerts each weekend showcasing local bands, or host similar events. Another aspect of Dartmouth are the Affinity Houses. These are co-ed student organizations that are not part of the Greek System, but function to facilitate student interaction and relationships.

As a member of a sorority at Dartmouth, I definitely enjoy being a member of my house, but it is not the only thing I do on campus. Instead of limiting my social options, my house merely adds another way for me to interact with my fellow Dartmouth students.

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