Asked about: Tufts University

What's the Tufts campus like? Do people spend a lot of time in Boston or do they mostly stay on campus?


Anonymous, Tufts '07

We went into Boston and hung out around Cambridge quite a bit. There's only so much to do on campus, especially when Tufts was named 292 out of 300 college party schools. But Boston is a pretty manageable city and easy to get around. Hope that helps!

Anonymous, Tufts '05

I spent a lot of time in Boston while at Tufts (probably went into the city at least twice a week), especially in my junior and senior years. I think I probably went into the city more than most, but one of the nicest thing about Tufts is that it feels very campus-y but has great urban access, so it's really the experience you want to make it.

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