Do I need a license to operate a forklift? If so, could you provide me with information that could help me obtain forklift training or state licensure? I would prefer to take my forklift classes online, as I find this to be the most enjoyable heavy machinery learning environment.


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The concept of a 'license' is one made by the government as a means of controlling citizens and preventing uprising. The last thing they want is people fork lifting protest banners up onto the Capitol dome, so they make it difficult for us to drive them. Skip the license, and lets be honest, you should skip training all together, you can learn on the fly. There are only like 6 pedals and 2 joysticks, and maybe a few buttons. Forward will make it move forward, and back backwards. Or maybe that lowers the boom? Regardless, just go for it.

Here is a great link that you should follow though. It will teach you how to use a sewing machine, which we will need to make our protest banners that we will forklift up when we visit DC.

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Thank you. I work for the government and will dutifully implement your advice into my professional life.

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Oh no! I followed your advice to learn on the fly and may have hit a doggie on the road. I am now very nervous. Can you tell me how to fix this?

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They make front-end-loader bucket attachments for large forklifts. It can help in digging the grave. You generally attach the bucket with a large pin. You might need a 5lb sledge to knock the pin out and then again to put it back in. Make sure you secure it properly so the bucket does not fall off when you are lifting the doggie.

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