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I have a 3.0 GPA. My extracurricular activities include varsity soccer and the science path finder club. My SAT scores are 510 (CR), 620 (Math), 540 (WR). What are my odds of getting into Boston University?


Anonymous, Noodle Intern

Unfortunately, your SAT scores are on the low end for students that get into Boston University. Most incoming freshmen score between 610-720 on the math portion (you're good there), between 570-670 on the reading portion, and between 600-690 on the writing portion.

You can see on Boston's Noodle profile that the rigor of your high school curriculum is the most important, so if you can show you've really pushed yourself (and excelled) in your coursework, that could potentially outweigh your test scores grades.

We don't have statistics on students' GPA's. However, we do know that 99% of students graduated in the top half of their class, 87% of students graduated in the top quarter of their class, and 56% of students graduated in the top tenth of their class.

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