What was your experience at Andover West Middle?


Charles Wang, I went to Andover West Middle for 6th and 7th grades, between 2000 and 2002

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Miserable, for no reason other than that middle school is a miserable time for most people. I didn't have as terrible a time as some people - I was too well-liked to be seriously bullied - but it was still a tremendously awkward and horrible time. I blame puberty.

I had a few excellent teachers there but most have since retired or moved to other districts. And by "excellent" I also mean "rigorous," "very demanding" and "hard." This isn't necessarily appropriate for everyone, especially given the strange and volatile emotional needs of children in that age bracket.

Andover Public Schools as a whole are pretty decent. West Middle, Doherty, and Wood Hill aren't likely to be terribly different from one another in terms of the caliber of faculty, courses, and activities offered. That said, the middle school years are going to be a bad time for everyone involved - students, teachers, and parents. You have been warned.

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