How can the course offerings at Rutgers’ Camden campus cater to part time MBA study?


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The School of Business at Rutgers’ Camden Campus focuses on flexibility for its part-time MBA students. Since each student has a unique schedule and accordingly a unique amount of time to devote to the program, the School of Business allows students to complete their MBAs at their own pace. Dedicated and committed students can finish their degrees in two years or less, while those with many outside commitments may take up to six. In general, most students finish the program in three to four years.

The MBA program requires 18 courses totaling 54 credit hours; at least 11 of those 18 must be completed at Rutgers-Camden. 15 of those 18 courses are required core courses that provide students with a broad foundation of business knowledge; the remaining three are electives, and may be devoted to an optional concentration if desired.

In the name of flexibility, the School of Business also allows a limited number of students to complete coursework without formally entering the program. Anyone with a four-year degree is eligible to enroll in winter and summer classes. During the spring and fall semester, students must apply for admission to the program; however, Rutgers-Camden does accept a small number of exceptional non-matriculated students.

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