Hi, I am searching for an option for my daughter for 6th grade. She is attending a Christian school but it is costly. She is a bright student and does better in a small group setting. Can I meet with someone regarding this school?


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The Family Christian School encourages interested families to contact the school directly and supports visits to the school before applying. The number for the main office is (731) 300-3385, and you can schedule an appointment to meet with an administrator at that time.

The curriculum and graduation requirements for high schoolers is clearly stated, but you might want to take a look at the student handbook to get a sense of what academics are like. Also, be prepared for a rigorous application process. You will need to submit the following forms before your child can be interviewed for admission:

  • Application for Admissions
  • Statement of Faith
  • Pastoral Recommendation Form
  • Teacher Recommendation Form
  • Personal Recommendation Form

Finally, this article about the kind of education religious schools provide might help to frame some of your decision-making process. (And don't forget you can use Noodle to search for other religious schools in your area.)

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