Describe the type of student who should attend Azusa Pacific University. Why?



A student should attend Azusa Pacific University (APU) if they are interested in the Christian faith, are looking for a strong sense of community and want to see change in the world. Anyone can really attend APU, but it is easier for some more than other to feel comfortable on the campus.


Azusa Pacific University (APU) is a school for anyone who has a heart for Jesus. This school not only emphasizes traditional academics, sports, and campus life, but rounds out a person's mental, moral, and spiritual life. APU offers 64 undergraduate degrees that span the arts, sciences, liberal studies, and especially ministry, theology, and Biblical studies. A small university, APU campus life is all about people and strengthens camaraderie, fellowship, as well as personal and interpersonal development and growth. APU has a legacy of difference makers, and has been putting God first since 1899.

Anonymous, Student, Azusa Pacific University, Class of 2018

I believe that any student who wants to pursue their goals should attend APU. Of coarse, first checking that they have the program that the student wants to pursue. I believe that APU has great programs that can meets the students goals, which is why I think if it fits their needs that this is a great school to attend.

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