A child at Stanley middle school has a medical condition, one of his teachers is harassing him in front of the whole class. Who do I contact to get this matter corrected?


Jules Csillag, learning specialist & speech-language pathologist

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This is so sad to read about. It's tragic enough to hear about kids being cruel to each other, but to hear of a teacher behaving this way is really heartbreaking. Not only is it unkind, it is illegal. Section 504 prohibits discrimination against children with disabilities, and the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) is also designed to protect children with disabilities and their parents. I would start at the school level, and speak with the teacher directly, with a supervisor or mediator present. If that is not helpful, work your way up to the principal or division head and superintendent. Speaking with other parents may help you feel supported as well. I really hope that by them your issue is dealt with respectfully.

To learn more about advocacy and special education services in your area, find a local Parent Center, and also look through the Parent Hub's online resources.

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