Can out of state students apply for financial aid?


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While some financial aid packages may only be available to in state students, there are opportunities for financial aid for all students. You can find out more using the links in our finance section.

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At some point, the concept of "playing the film" has disappeared from everyday life, and now the premiere in theaters are no longer accompanied by the appearance of projects of the same name on the PC and consoles. If previously publishers wanted to easily and quickly earn money on games about Harry Potter or superheroes, now they either do nothing, or offer shareware for mobile devices. But Warner Bros. decided to recall the long tradition and released on the consoles Cars 3: Driven to Win almost at the same time with the release of the cartoon "Cars 3".

As such, the story mode in the game there. Instead, they added the "Hall of Fame" with 136 tests, for which progressively unlocked new modes, routes and characters. Including access to the so-called "Arrivals at the level of the Master", where Lightning McQueen (although you can take any hero) competes one on one with the strongest rivals. First it's Miss Tiny, then the Great Maitre and Chico Hicks, and ends up all racing against Jackson Storm. The victory over him and watching the final video can be considered the completion of the passage, although after that there are many lessons.

Thanks to the way the system of progress is arranged, interest in the game does not disappear. Initially, you can only run ordinary races, where for three rounds you try to gain leadership in the fight against seven opponents. Then a military check-in is launched - the same, but a variety of weapons are scattered along the route, from missiles to mines and barrels of fuel. All this is available in the race for departure, only there no one fights for the first places, since it is necessary to destroy the exploding maps as soon as possible. Well, after a detailed study of all the tracks, you can test the "Best Circle" test and set records there.

Another mode is called "Dashing Arrivals" and requires performing tricks at any opportunity. Due to the fact that the trampolines are placed after each turn, and all the wheelbarrows know how to bounce after pressing the X button, this is not difficult. It is enough to move in any direction the right stick on the gamepad, when the machine is in the air, and also in time to release it and successfully land. To earn the most points, only to jump and spin is not enough - it is also advisable to ride on two wheels or backwards.

Although this is true for all modes, as these actions fill the turbo scale located at the bottom of the screen. Understanding how to use it correctly turns out to be very important for obtaining gold medals. And thanks to this feature during the races you never get bored, even if at first glance the circles seem to be tightened. On the tracks, there are plenty of opportunities to shorten the path (which opponents also use, so that they can be detected quickly), drift zones constantly get caught, where the nitrous oxide system fills up much faster, and there are small hills for performing tricks.

Races are held in two dozen locations, including on the beach, in the canyon, in the mines of Thomasville, on the motorway Radiator Springs, - and all of them are unique in their own way. At the ranch sounds the corresponding music and now and then fly the cornflowers. Driving along the outskirts of the Thunder Ravine, you find yourself on another ring road, where absolutely other wheelbarrows compete, and you try not to crash into them. And in mines you meet with bulldozers working without stop, periodically getting in the way. There are a lot of characters, too, but they are no different at all - be it Lightning McQueen, Maitre, Natalie Digest, Mack or Doctor Grit, on the road they behave exactly the same. Perhaps, for a younger audience this will only be a plus - you can take anyone you want and do not worry about any extra parameters.

And children from Cars 3 in 3D Games will certainly get a great pleasure, as in all races you can set a low level of complexity and not worry about strong rivals. In some cases, opponents generally can slow down before the finish line to allow the player to win. If such "cheating" is not to your liking, an average complexity is available, where all, without exception, try more or less. Well, on a high game turns almost into WipEout - you need to use almost all the opportunities on the track, earn as much as possible nitro, stunt and ride backwards, or the enemies will overtake in three counts.

The only thing racing is not limited - in the third "Cars" is the so-called "Playground Thomasville". This is a spacious location where the selected car travels alone and can search for all sorts of tests: then for a certain time it will be necessary to burst as many balls as possible, then you need to grab the core and toss it into boxes, earning medals for excellent results. There are also tasks that can be started only if there is at least one partner (a local cooperative for four players is supported). There is no online here at all, except that Share Play on the PS4 can be launched.

And this is one of the main disadvantages of Cars 3 - multiplayer did not add to any mode. Whatever one may say, it's much more fun to go with friends on the court or to participate together in regular races or championships. The game is bright and colorful, the animators have tried to give each character its own characteristics, it's not boring to ride. But all the same in all races have to meet only with computer opponents, if not with whom to drive after one screen. The logic of developers is easy to understand - no one can guarantee that after a couple of months online will be popular. But you could still try and offer at least one regime.

But alone from Cars 3 is difficult to break away, although this is the notorious "game on the film." It certainly is not perfect Mario Kart 8(if there is a Nintendo console , it's better to pay attention to it), but still funny arcade pokatushki with an understandable and simple system of progress. Many of the 136 tests mentioned above are received just like that, without thinking - by the time I tried all the modes, I had already received about seventy medals. After that, some of the easiest tasks began to be cleared, like driving two wheels for twenty minutes to earn nine dozen medals and defeat the final "boss". But tests that require a local cooperative, you have to skip, but without them you will be able to open all the characters and all modes with the tracks.

The only thing that is very annoying during the races is an actor's game: they did not invite the protagonists who voiced the cartoon. It's hard to say how many actors gave voices to two dozen characters, but some of them pronounce the remarks so boringly that all the fun from the race instantly disappears. In addition, they do not stop commenting on each of their actions, because of which over time phrases begin to repeat and annoy. The wreckers complain about their age and are surprised at the well-executed stunts, Lightning McQueen sarcastically welcomes his opponents wandering behind him when riding backwards. At first, the lines are amusing, but listening to them in the tenth, hundredth, thousandth time is painful.

Find other disadvantages Cars 3: Driven to Win is difficult, and I do not want to - the developers clearly tried to make a worthy project, which brings pleasure regardless of viewing the cartoon. You can complain about the graphics (the game also came out on the consoles of the previous generation and even Wii U), but for modern platforms it is still embellished with better textures. Of course, it's hardly worth it to buy a game for the full cost, but you probably will not regret buying a discount, especially if someone in the family is a fan of "Tachek" and you can have fun with it in a local cooperative.

Pros: a large number of modes, routes and characters; fascinating races; a coolly conveyed atmosphere of the "Piston Cup"; support of a local cooperative.

Minuses: lack of multiplayer; some actors were very bored to voice the characters; characters often repeat the same phrases.

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