if you know the perimeter and the height of the parallelogram, how do you find the length of the sides?


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Hello there! Here is a formula to help you find the length of the missing side!

Take the formula and fill in what you know. Then do some simple algebra and find out the solution!

perimeter = 2(w+h)

where: w is the base length of the parallelogram h is the side length

For example:

Lets say the perimeter for this parallelogram is 10 and the height is 3. We will take the formula is fill those numbers is

Formula: perimeter = 2(w+h)

Filling in with numbers: 10=2(w+3)

Use your knowledge of algebra to find the missing variable!


algebra magic 4=2w


Use this example to help you find your answer!

Hope this helps!

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