What was the process that Ottomon took to become a magnet school?


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At a recent 2014 meeting of the San Juan Unified Board of Education, Ottomon Elementary School announced that its curriculum will have a special focus on visual and performing arts. This new approach is in response to declining enrollment in school and is a follow-up from a meeting in spring 2014 between school staff, District staff, and other leaders.

You can find a report and presentation about the decision process here. It explains the takeaways staff had from a visit to an "Artful Learning" school in Napa. The same model of curriculum, created by the composer Leonard Bernstien, will be implemented at Ottomon over the coming months. The new program incorporates Common Core State Standards, following with the rest of the district, but also innovative field trips, activities, and learning strategies will be added.

A more direct marketing push to attract new students will occur for the 2014-2016 school year, as Ottomon refines and implements further these new changes.

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