Do I need to pick just one concentration in Fordham University’s full time MBA program?


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Fordham’s full-time MBA program consists of a total of 69 credits, which includes nine credits’ worth of prerequisites and 24 core classes. The remaining 36 credits have a high degree of flexibility, and can be used to earn one of the following six concentrations:

  • The Accounting and Taxation concentration develops sophisticated usage of accounting information and techniques.
  • The Communications and Media Management concentration, a fairly rare offering within an MBA program, trains students for top management positions in broadcasting, publishing and other media.
  • The Finance and Business Economics concentration develops advanced knowledge of global and domestic financial systems.
  • The Information and Communication Systems concentration focuses on the unique challenges of IT management.
  • The Management Systems concentration trains leaders to make difficult strategic decisions to help businesses survive in the ultra-competitive global economy.
  • Finally, the Marketing concentration is designed for students pursuing careers in marketing management and product promotion.

There’s no need to pick just one concentration, either. Fordham allows full-time students to pursue a dual concentration for an additional six credits.

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