In addition to work experience, academic performance, and test scores, what are you looking for in a candidate?


Ilya Nozhnik, CBS MBA 2010

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Uniqueness, you have to bring something to the table. Experience, grades and scores are an indicator of past success and future potential (and work ethic), but you will be surprised by the breadth and depth of personal stories you will hear when you join the program. Some had been a part of top secret military missions, some saved lives in war zones, some started groups on college campuses that didn't exist for an underrepresented group. Your story will be different.

Anonymous, CBS'10

Similar to employers, the school wants a diverse student body with different backgrounds, nationalities and personalities. We had celebrities, those who worked in a corporate world, athletes, entrepreneurs, those from outside of the US and US-based, type-A and analytics, from 0-12 years of experience, so as you can see a very diverse student body.

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