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Noel Ramos, Student from 2007-2010

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This is not a college I would recommend to anyone. Devry is a for profit school that does not care about education and does what it can to cut costs and maximize profits. They depend on high school students that are uninformed about what it really is, a degree factory. If Noodle existed at the time I needed to decide where to go to school, I would have never gone here.

I studied Computer Information Systems in 2007 with the idea of becoming a software developer. It was not until the first couple of semesters that I realized I could get a better education elsewhere. I suspect they had a deal with Microsoft to offer free software in the condition that there are no classes in the program that do not involve open source software.

Unfortunately I had come into this realization when I was at least $10K in debt and found out that I could not transfer credits into any regular college. This business benefits from bad accreditation so you have nowhere to go if you do decide to leave. A few friends have tried and had to start all over again, and waste 2 years of their lives because other colleges do not view Devry as a competent institution.

The selectivity of this college chain is so low that they will let anyone in as long as they have the money to pay for it. They prey on these young students in hopes that they drop classes early because it will cost the business less if they don't come. If you are still around by the time you get to the senior classes, you'll notice the class size is around 6 people or even less because of the many cut throat tactics to get you to drown in debt for a worthless degree. The only good thing I can say about this college is that if you take enough classes within a semester, you can get your degree in 2 years and 8 months. I used that to my advantage and was able to start my career 1 year earlier than expected. Getting a head start and not wasting time was important to me.

Thankfully, everything I learned was through work experience, which I had the opportunity to be employed because I learned the concepts of my profession outside of school. Everything I needed to know was completely free with the power of the internet. If I had to choose between going to Devry again or learn on my own, I would definitely pick learning for free in a heartbeat.

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I was in the Eletrical Engineering major at DeVry NY. It is expensive. So expensive that some of my peers were not able to attend at times and ultimately transferred to Stonybrook, City College, or just left the state. For this major my professors were very smart and came from accredited institution such as NYU-Polytech, Syracuse University, MIT, and such. Not only was I a student but I also worked at DeVry-NY and the level of education for software development is lacking. Even at senior level of education students are not equipped with the tools to understand simple Object-Oriented Design Principles unless one does as Noel or I have done and studies outside of school.

Anonymous, just a student

Hi there. If honestly, my college wasn't a great education institution. I always asked for help at https://www.amblesideprimary.com/correct-my-essay and this is why I ended my college. So be careful when you choosing one. Good luck, guys.

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