I'm interested in non-profit management, is this a good school to study at if I want to go into social enterprise?


Mary S Rosa, MBA, Non-Profit Management

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USF does not have a specific focus area in non-profit management in its full time MBA, but they do have a full time Masters of Non-Profit Administration. In my experience, you probably would make better connections in the MBA program as you will meet people from a a wide variety of different industries that could be helpful as you think about your career in non-profit management. Hope that is helpful!

Peter Cho, MBA, Non-Profits, Social Enterprise

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This is my experience as well. I've been particular impressed with the networks my peers that attended business school have. Their knowledge seems to span multiple industries, and that broad knowledge definitely provides a great template from which to pull answers to hard questions. Those that I have seen attend more non-profit oriented programs seem to be a bit pigeonholed coming out of more focused non-profit programs.

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