What was a typical South Texas College student like in high school? Describe the type of person that should attend South Texas College.


Anonymous, Student, South Texas College, Class of 2017

Most people that join South Texas College are energetic people who really have a passion and determination for the careers they are striving for. Students that go here are people that are always willing to go further and have a clear prospective of what they need to do to accomplish their goals.

Anonymous, Student, South Texas College, Class of 2016

The basic South Texas College Student was one that did not try in school and was the "popular" person in high school. They did not bother much about their academics and did not participate in organizations as well. I have to attend South Texas College due to me not being able to pay for the University of Texas at Pan-American. The person that should come to STC is one that wants an associates and wants an affordable tuition cost without sacrificing quality education.

Anonymous, Student, South Texas College, Class of 2015

They need to first of all be prepared to work hard to earn their degree or certificate. They need to be responsible and ready to accept criticism from demanding professors and they must keep up to date and online services such as Blackboard or JagNet.

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