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Never thought about going to a university in Texas, but reading this profile, Rice sounds pretty amazing. What's life like on campus?


Anonymous, Class of '96

Upon reflection, Rice was such a unique experience I would not exchange it for something else. I chose Rice because it was the least expensive college choice for me. I did not chose Rice because it was in Texas. Actually, I had only been to Texas once before attending there. I believe that the school being in Texas adds to the culture and the experience.

Some of the more interesting things I got to do while attending Rice: 2-step (for people who don't live in Texas, its a country-western dance), study really f***ing hard, attend some wild parties, learn the true meaning of "there will be no curve on the test", have an Olympic athlete for a roommate, be a leader, learn to shoot a gun (it's Texas), go to the beach in Galvenston, meet a lot of people from Texas (Rice was not that diverse in 1992-6), conduct groundbreaking research at UT Medical Center, have some really great family-style dinners, see some of the biggest bugs I've ever seen (and I've traveled a bit), and play powder-puff (football is taken pretty seriously in TX even for women on Rice campus). I can't speak to what the school is like now because I haven't been back in some time but I can say that I appreciate the wide-variety of experiences I had at Rice.

Debra P. Ruiz, Thank you

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