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There are 23 fish. Gups are 3 more than Zfish. 2 times the Z-fish as Golds. How many of each? I see there are 8 Zfish (Z), 11 Gups (G) & 4 Golds (GF). When I try the equation it's wrong.. Z + (Z+3) +(Z/2) = 23 equation? So Z + (Z/2) = 20/2 (=10).... not answer should be 12 (if Z=8, G =11, GF=4. help?


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Wow, that's quite tricky! Here are some other videos on Noodle that can help with algebra-related word problems. Good luck!

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Hi there! Here are some videos we've collected that might give you some insight as to how to better solve this word problem:

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