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Where can Smith College students go to watch concerts? What artists have visited campus?


Caroline Lim, I am currently a Smith College sudent

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A few major concert venues in Northampton are easy walking distance from several places on campus. The Calvin Theater, The Iron Horse, and The Academy of Music are just a few musical places that stick out with a quick glance of the town. On campus students can go to both student and non-student concerts in the music building's concert hall, and to the smaller more personal and casual concert space in the lower level of the campus center. However, when it come to big name musical acts like Pentatonix, A Great Big World, and Rising Appalachia the off-campus venues show to be a big hit! More information about the concert venues in Northampton can be found here There is also a tradition of one big name singer coming to perform on campus every year; this year (2014) the performer was Anais Mitchell.

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