I'm interested in social responsibility in business, is MIT a good school for me?


Jessica Burlingame, Senior Admissions Consultant, The MBA Exchange®

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Social enterprise and responsibility have been a prime area of focus for top business schools, and our clients at The MBA Exchange, for years now. MIT Sloan's commitment stands out even in this context, however. The following link is a great place to start exploring the school's offerings: (http://mitsloan.mit.edu/newsroom/indepth-social-solution.php)

As you continue to explore your options, you may want to review the offerings of Net Impact (https://netimpact.org/), a global community of students and professionals aligned with your interests. Until 2012, The Aspen Institute also published an MBA ranking, "Beyond Grey Pinstripes," (http://www.beyondgreypinstripes.org/), which specifically addressed schools' attention to social and environmental impact. Previous years' reports, as well as other Aspen Institute resources on the topic, may be other helpful sources in your research.

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The Sloan School of Management at MIT has a wealth of research in that area and therefore might be a good match for you. Feel free to go to noodle.com's college search site (https://www.noodle.com/search/colleges?terms=business++) to find other schools that may be appropriate for this field.

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