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Innovative Tech Solutions
for Academic Excellence

Technology Solutions that Empower the Learning Journey

Noodle offers a range of packaged and custom Technology Solutions to support our partners in assisting learners throughout their learning journey. Our Technology Solutions ensure the integration of the right mix of technologies with your existing platforms, configured based on your goals and continually supported and updated for best-in-class performance to bring scale and efficiency. Our technology solutions portfolio is powered by proprietary technologies alongside top-tier products. Instead of starting from scratch, we focus on crafting bespoke customizations for the tools we purchase.

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Bridging the Gap Between Academia and Technology

At Noodle, we understand the importance of integrating modern tech solutions into the academic world.

Our innovative approach helps bridge the gap between traditional education and the rapidly evolving technological landscape. With our expertise, we empower educational institutions to embrace the future and provide the support and tools to get you there.

Noodle’s homegrown technologies combined with best-in-class offerings allow us to assist learners throughout their learning journey.

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Noodle Learning Platform empowers universities to deliver online non-degree courses through an all-in-one, LMS-agnostic commerce platform for lifelong learning.

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Learn and Scale With Us

Expert Technologists to Support the Student Journey

Because we have the time and people power to build the technology to support our partners, we have a unique vantage point from which to advise and guide institutions on how to think about their own technology needs. Our technology solutions architects can perform audits to inform tailored recommendations to enhance technology operations.

Noodle is also a preferred Slate partner, and we have resources that universities can leverage to help design applications and portals or build rules, workflows, queries and reporting.

Ready to Elevate Your University’s Potential?

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