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    • Natalie Fobes, Photographer

      Natalie Fobes, Photographer Save

      This installment in the Creative Inspirations documentary series introduces the diverse talents of one of the world's great award-winning journalistic photographers, Natalie Fobes. Whether on a fishing boat in the Bering Sea facing frigid cold and 40-foot waves, or ... learn more

      Cost: $25 Per Month Company: Lynda
    • Design a Logo That Grabs Attention

      Design a Logo That Grabs Attention Save

      I'm Genevieve Williams. Welcome to my Skillshare class where you'll create a great logo! If you want to design a logo, this class is for you! Everyone needs a logo. A logo defines you as professional and tells people what ... learn more

      Cost: $8 - $20 Per Month Company: Skillshare
    • Flash Professional CS6 New Features

      Flash Professional CS6 New Features Save

      Discover the new features Flash Professional CS6 offers animators and application developers. Author Anastasia McCune walks through each of the software's key enhancements, including the generation of sprite sheets, which can accommodate multiple symbols or bitmaps; a new extension allowing ... learn more

      Cost: $25 Per Month Company: Lynda
      Subjects: HTML
    • Game Conventions and Conferences

      Game Conventions and Conferences Save

      Geek conventions of all kinds are growing rapidly in the USA (and likely elsewhere). This class focuses on game conventions and conferences (there are differences). I describe what they are, discuss four examples, and talk about what they can do ... learn more

      Cost: $8 - $20 Per Month Company: Skillshare
    • Volume of a box or rectangular prism

      Volume of a box or rectangular prism Save

      Volume measures how much 3-dimensional "space" an object takes up. We'll see in this tutorial that it is an extension of length (1-D) or area (2-D) to three dimensions! learn more

      Subjects: Algebra, General Mathematics
    • Cake Topper Techniques

      Cake Topper Techniques Save

      Anne Heap teaches you how to model cake toppers that are too adorable for words. Learn how to color, structure and form gum paste into a sleeping baby, a sitting boy, a sitting pregnant lady and a standing woman.These characters ... learn more

      Cost: $39.99 Per Course Company: Craftsy
    • Internal Flows in Turbomachines

      Internal Flows in Turbomachines Save

      In 16.540 we address fluid dynamic phenomena of interest in internal flow situations. The emphasis tends to be on problems that arise in air breathing propulsion, but the application of the concepts covered is more general, and the course is ... learn more

      Start Date: February 1, 2006
    • Advanced Topics in Python

      Advanced Topics in Python Save

      In this lesson, we'll cover some of the more complex aspects of Python, including iterating over data structures, list comprehensions, list slicing... learn more

      Subjects: Python
    • Daylighting

      Daylighting Save

      This course explores natural and electric lighting that integrates occupant comfort, energy efficiency and daylight availability in an architectural context. Students are asked to evaluate daylighting in real space and simulations, and also high dynamic range photography and physical model ... learn more

      Start Date: February 1, 2012
      Subjects: Photography
    • Analysis and Design of Digital Control Systems

      Analysis and Design of Digital Control Systems Save

      This course is a comprehensive introduction to control system synthesis in which the digital computer plays a major role, reinforced with hands-on laboratory experience. The course covers elements of real-time computer architecture; input-output interfaces and data converters; analysis and synthesis ... learn more

      Start Date: September 1, 2006
      Subjects: Architecture, Design
    • Romanticism in France

      Romanticism in France Save

      Romanticism begins in France with the violent and exotic battle scenes of Gros and the famous shipwreck, the Raft of the Medusa, painted by Gericault. Soon after, two distinct trends emerge in French painting, one—represented by the artist Delacroix—was rebellious, ... learn more

      Subjects: General Art, Art History, General History, Humanities

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