Describe the type of student who should attend Sam Houston State University. Why?



The type of student who should attend SHSU is someone who is dedicated to serving others, knows how to balance fun and education, and appreciates other cultures and diversity over all. Our motto is "The Measure of Life is its Service," meaning that as a school, we strive to learn through helping others on campus as well as in the community. For example, I am and officer in a Latin dance organization called Bailamos Latin Dance and we are currently planning a Fashion Show. All of the profit front that fashion show will go to a clinic in the community called the Pregnancy Care Center. This clinic offers free limited STD testing and is a safe haven for young women who become pregnant and do not know what to do next. They offer parenting classes as well as information and help for the young men who are in a situation where they are the father of an unborn child. Our profits will allow this clinic to continue to give free services in order to help the young people in the community. So, someone who is interested in helping the community and others should be a student at a volunteer based university such as SHSU. Another good quality to have is the ability to balance fun and education. When I first arrived to Sam, I was given more freedom than I could handle. I quickly learned that even though no one is around to tell me that I am not allowed to go out on a school night, I still need to be responsible for my education and getting things turned in as well as making it to class on time. A person who can do that from the beginning or who can learn that quickly, is also someone that belongs at my university. Lastly, anyone who wants to be a student at Sam should be able to appreciate diversity. Sam is full of people from different backgrounds and cultures. There is almost an equal amount of African American, Caucasian, and Hispanic students as well as student who come from different countries such as China and Germany. The appreciation of everyone's differences will allow the student to more openly learn about how things work in different cultures and ultimately extend the learning experience to outside of the classroom and into the real world. Sam Houston State University should have students who come in already slightly rounded in order to create a fully well rounded individual for the rest of society to welcome.


Sam Houston State is great school for anyone! My major is Criminal Justice and I am lucky to attend SHSU, which has one of the best Criminal Justice programs in the nation. SHSU is a very relaxing and friendly atmosphere, welcoming to students of all walks of life. If you are a student eager to learn in a relaxed and often fun environment, SHSU just may be the right fit for you.


Sam Houston is the perfect school for students who want to be in a small community where you get to know people in your classes. It is also perfect for students who want a small town feel and a town with lots of interesting stories and history.


Sam Houston State University is for the odd-one-out.

The one who doesn't fit in.

The one who carves their own way.

At SHSU, it doesn't matter if you weren't the popular kid in high school. Bearkats welcome all students, regardless of their personality.

Quirky or stiff, 4.0 or 1.0, SHSU will welcome them with open arms, new friendships, and laughter.

At Sam Houston State University, everyone has a place, a friend, a purpose.

SHSU is a place where no one is left out.

The ones alone in the corner belong here.

The ones who hide can be themselves here.

At Sam Houston State University, there are no misfits.

We are misfits.


Students who are more comfortable with a smaller campus and community. We are a very involved community with many opportunities. Are biggest opportunities are those for criminal justice students. If you are a criminal justice student, this should be your number one choice. It has the best program for criminal justice majors at the undergraduate. graduate, and doctoral level. They offer many great job opportunities and internships.


A student seeking education in criminal justice would be a good student to attend Sam Houston State University because they are number one for criminal justice in the nation!


Smart, dedicated and passionate student. People who want to learn and want to further their education and better their future.

Anonymous, Student, Sam Houston State University, Class of 2018

A student looking to attend Sam Houston State University should be open minded. I personally didn't always wan to go to Sam Houston. I had my heart set on another university, but as soon as I knew I was accepted to Sam Houston, the hospitality that was shown to me was unreal. Every email, phone call and campus visit I attended was warm, welcoming, and made me more excited with each interaction to be attending this university. My first day was incredible, and now I am glad that I made the decision to attend Sam Houston! I couldn't see myself anywhere else now, and I am enjoying my classes thus far. Once I met a few people within my major, I became active in extracurricular activities and I feel right at home. The biggest lesson I learned was to have an open mind, because if I wouldn't have been willing to try a step outside of my comfort zone, I would have never discovered this wonderful college with helpful staff, friendly students, and a gorgeous campus.

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