How to Write Geography Research Papers, Term Papers & Thesis?

Geography research papers and term papers are mostly written in APA Style. The style can vary depending on the type and length of the paper.

Geography refers to the study of earth including its features, inhabitants as well as phenomena. The 4 traditional branches of geography and geographical research are: study of specific areas, spatial analysis of natural as well as human phenomena like distribution, buy geography research papers and relationship of humans with the land and earth sciences. Even so, the subject of modern geography encompasses disciplines that strive to understand the world as well as the natural and human complexities involved. The subject goes beyond just describing where objects are located and explains how they have changed over certain time periods. As geography is considered my many to be in between the physical and human sciences, not surprisingly the discipline is divided into 2 main branches: physical and human geography.

A good research paper in geography gives readers with a unique sense of the content as well as methods employed to carry out the investigation. The paper is organized in several sections which are indicated by headers. The exact type as well as number of sections found in a research paper differ and depend on the level and also on the topic. Even so, some sections can be fond in all kinds of paper like the introduction and conclusion sections. Other sections which can typically be found include Methods, Results as well as Discussion. Headers are used throughout the paper to mark the different sections. The main advantage of using headers is that it gives an outline when constructing the paper and means it is easier for the readers to get to the information that they are looking for.

It is essential that a paper for Geography class uses original authentic reference. The exact number and kinds of sources will depend upon the topic, length and type of paper. The references are mentioned within the text as well as in a reference list which is given at the end of a paper.

Studies in human geography focus on the patterns as well as processes which shape the interactions between humans and the environment. This branch covers the political, economic, cultural, social and human aspects. Even though the main focus of this branch is not the physical landscape, it is extremely difficult if not impossible to correctly discuss human geography without putting into context the physical landscape.

Since things like space and places have far reaching implications on a large variety of subjects, geography has tended to be highly interdisciplinary often collaborating with other fields such as economics, health and climate.

Physical geography on the other hand has its main focus on understanding the processes as well as patterns found in the natural environment rather than the built environment. Studies in physical geography divide the Earth into a number of different spheres and environments. The seven main spheres are Atmosphere, Biosphere, Geosphere, Hydrosphere, Lithosphere, Cryosphere and Pedosphere. The systems approach is often employed in physical geography for studies.


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