Are international students with parents not living in the US eligible for financial aid at Harvard?


rabin bhandari, Art is the living for human being

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yes ,for international student necessary for aid to study in Harvard university most like us who came from underdeveloped country without aid we just dreaming Harvard on the sunny day .i want to study there about Art to make tapestry on properly without Art we cannot copy natural images.after learning art then i will make tapestry

Amy Yvette Garrou, College admissions expert (US and international colleges)

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Harvard is one of the few universities and colleges in the US who is able to provided need-based financial aid to everyone they accept, no matter their citizenship. They have the money and the will to do that. Check out their financial-aid website for details.

They do not, to my knowledge, provide "merit" aid: that is, they don't give money to students based on a talent or being a particularly good student, because everyone they admit is a terrific and talented student. Their priority is to meet as much financial need as a student demonstrates (through filling out an international-student financial-aid form and showing some records of what the family can provide, whatever that amount may be).

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