I had an awful professor this semester. How honest can I be on the evaluation form that I'm required to fill out? Will it affect my grade? What if I need to take a class with him again in the future?


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Colleen offered a great answer to this question. You should be honest, constructive, and specific. And most evaluations are anonymous. I would only add that, when writing your evaluation, consider what things your professor could actually change and what will improve the class. Think about what you didn't like about the professor and why you didn't like it. Why did it make the class harder or less interesting?

For example, saying that your professor's clothing choices were ugly or that he was "mean" aren't particularly helpful comments. It's hard to change being "mean." You could, however, say that you found your professor unapproachable and dismissive when students asked questions. Those are things someone could work on that would improve the class.

Another thing to remember is that everyone is more receptive to criticism after you've said something nice about them. So, if you can think of any positive to start with (Were they knowledgeable? Was there an assignment you liked? etc.), it's not a bad idea to "warm them up" with this so they'll consider your comments more seriously.

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As a professor, I know how important these evaluations are for considerations about my job. You should be honest and SPECIFIC on the evaluation. When you say "awful," I am not sure what you mean. If you mean boring, say that. If you mean unfair, say that and explain why. If you mean he was hard and you didn't like working all that hard, consider that to be an evaluation of you and not him. This is why I push specifics. You are allowed to say what you need to say, but it should be in the name of constructive criticism and not a personal attack.

The evaluation will not affect your grade. And he should not know who is doing the evaluation. They are to remain confidential.

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