If I have exactly a year to prepare what all should I do?


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I think, that you should understand that you can meet with the hard selection of students. You must be special for such university. Having just desire is not enough. For essay exam preparation you can visit the StudentHelper website. And  hard work!!

Good luck!

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There are numerous things that you can do to plan for Harvard substantially less whatever other school or college. To start with look into the necessities and confirmation criteria. Dissertation Help Make certain to distinguish the due date and apply a long time before at that point.

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There are A LOT of subjects to choose from at the University. Some students have known for years exactly what they want to study or what career they want to pursue. For other students, choosing a major can seem intimidating. Several students advised choosing the subjects that you enjoy.

Being at University is a journey, not just an end product. For some students, that means working out what you like and what you don’t. Try new subjects that interest you. Play around with your elective courses. A lot of students transfer degrees and change their majors because they try a new subject and discover a new passion.

And if you know exactly what path you want to pursue, think ahead.


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There are many things that you can do to prepare for Harvard much less any other college or university. First look up the requirements and admission criteria. Be sure to identify the deadline and apply well before then.

After doing so, you should probably apply for Financial Aid. However, I would still try to acquire as many scholarships as possible.

During this time, be sure to sign up for any SAT as that will be a key requirement to the college. While doing so, I would begin to create a resume and cover letter so that it is prepared for any jobs that may be of interest to you.

I would also suggest that you meet with your school guidance counselor to verify you have met all of the high school diploma requirements and inform them of your decisions to apply.

Good luck!

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