I am a mom of an 8 year-old verbal autistic boy. How best can I educate him so that he can reach his full potential?

Right now he goes to to a public elementary school in Easton, PA.


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Hello, I am a mom of a boy with Asperger's and the one thing that I did that REALLY helped us was consult with his teachers first. Whatever they did at school I followed through at home. I saw immediate results and the teachers noticed that he would master a skill faster. For instance of he had speech in school I reciprocated with private speech lessons out of school. During the summer break and all other breaks I would ask for suggestions if I saw him deficient in certain areas. Please keep me posted and DO NOT hesitate to reach out.

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I'm not an expert on Autism Spectrum Disorder by any means, but having spoken with other Noodle users who have had concerns similar to your own, I can perhaps point out some useful resources and starting points.

The Autism Spectrum Disorders topic page on Noodle contains both articles and targeted advice from education experts. These articles and Q&A questions touch on issues of what schools to choose and what support services to enlist.

You may want to look at the profile of Lisa Friedman who has experience helping parents consider their options regarding Autism Sprectrum Disorder and special education.

Jules Csillag is a speech language pathologist and learning specialist who has authored many articles on how to help educate children with ASD. Two particularly helpful articles are Out-of-School Supports for Kids with Autism Spectrum Disorder and Tools to Help Kids with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

This guide from AustismSpeaks.org gives a comprehensive, yet easy-to-understand breakdown of effective teaching and support strategies for students with Autism Spectrum Disorders.

If you're trying to decide what sort of school in which to enroll your child, I suggest you meet with a specialist in your school district. Questions of whether to go public or private are all heavily dependent on your child's unique skills and personality, not to mention on the schools in question. There appear to be two Easton's in Pennsylvania, so I was unfortunately unable to do a more specific search of the schools near you. I recommend using Noodle to narrow your search and get a sense of what schools are near you and, if not public, what they will cost. From there you can delve into their resources and special programs.

Hopefully this at least gives you some material to consider and a sense of to whom you can reach out for more help. If you have more questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to ask a follow up at any time. Good luck!

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