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Nurturing Success and Driving Retention

Comprehensive Student Support and Coaching Options

Helping students navigate the learning experience and complete their program is core to assisting our partners in achieving their goals. Noodle offers various services to help drive retention and satisfaction for learners. We can provide support coaches, a 24/7 support desk, and a range of optional services like tutoring, mental health services, and career services. We also provide placement for offerings if required.

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Supporting Students in Their Educational Journeys

Comprehensive support with proactive engagement, dedicated coaches, and user-friendly resources to empower success.

Noodle’s student support services go beyond traditional academic advising. We actively engage with learners, facilitating access to essential resources and services for a successful educational journey. Recognizing the unique needs of online and hybrid learners, we prioritize a user-friendly support system. Waiting for a problem to arise is not an option; we are proactive in ensuring a smooth and seamless experience.

To help drive retention efforts, Noodle also provides Student Support Coaches (SSCs) who specialize in helping students complete their degree or certificate. SSCs provide support from deposit to graduation or for a specified period determined by the partner. Partners’ staff retain full decision-making authority regarding admissibility. Coaches are integral to driving satisfaction and persistence through the academic journey and also help to cultivate a sense of community and connection for students. Programs using Noodle’s coaches see retention rates at or above those of similar on-ground programs.

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Support Outside of Academics

Noodle provides additional service options to support students beyond the classroom.

We assess existing student services using our proprietary RISE (responsive, inclusive, supportive, engaging) rubric. This assessment forms the foundation for a strategic plan to enhance a partner’s agility in serving students better, regardless of their chosen enrollment modality.

A crucial aspect of these recommendations is establishing a campus portal or virtual student union, if not already in place, to grant students access to support services. A partner may include any of the following additional support services:

  • Tutoring
  • Mental Health Service
  • Career Services

Student Placement

Noodle has proven experience designing and marketing programs that require student placements.

For online programs requiring practicum or field experience, we work with partners to place students on time at quality sites. We employ highly trained Placement Advisors to identify and assess potential placement settings to meet the program’s clinical hour requirements and learning outcomes. We manage the placement process in a customized Salesforce instance. 

In collaboration with the relevant partner, our approach is to develop a customized placement program for online students to complete their practicum requirements in their local community. We have developed an operational process to support site development for growing online programs, and we provide a tool to manage site development and pipelines specific to field requirements.

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