Do Ohio State students tend to stay on campus for social activities, or do they venture out into the city?


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There are a ton of campus bars, and many people either go there or go to party at off campus housing near campus during freshman and sophomore year.

Juniors and seniors tend to head into Short North and the Gateway district, just south of campus, to check out new bars and nightlife. If they're not there, you can find some adventurous students around the Arena District, near where the Columbus sports teams play.

And needless to say, football Saturdays, everyone in the city is on campus.

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In my experience, it depends on whether or not you're active in student organizations. The Ohio State University Office of Student Life has a huge directory of student organizations affiliated with the school. (To see a list of all the student organizions, visit that page, leave the search text field blank, and click "submit".)

Ohio State University is in Columbus, which is a big city. (About 800,000 people live in Columbus.) There are a lot of things to do. TripAdvisor has a page on Columbus. has a page on the top 20 things to do in Columbus, Ohio. You may also want to check out,'s page on the city, and's 185 Things To Do in Columbus.

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This usually depends on what the activities are. There are environmental activities that I have been apart of and we travel around and sometimes out of the city for that but we also work around campus.

If you are just looking for fun things to do, there are activities on campus like movies, concerts, lectures, comedy shows and many more. That being said, campus is close to downtown. It is easy (and free if you're a student) to take a bus. You will often find ideas at d-tix. This is a counter in the student union where students can get discounted tickets for restaurants, concerts, musicals, museums and many other activities around the city.

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