Are genuine toyota fans better than the aftermarket? I have a new aftermarket one and it is very noisy and hums alot worse than the original one.


JavierMosher, Comparison among OEM and Aftermarket Parts

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When any part of your car fails and needs to be replaced quickly, many owners have doubt that what type of replacement part will offer best performance at low budget. Although OEM parts are originally produced by car manufacturer, but sometimes they don’t perform up to the expectations and cost huge as well. Whereas aftermarket auto parts like you can see on sites like iautobodyparts etc. aren’t produced by original, but in some cases they perform better than the original and cost very low too. In your case, I think you are bit unlucky while choosing a right shop to buy good quality aftermarket parts, however if you wish then go with OEM.

Brian Monetti, I restore Camaros

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Iv had mixed luck with aftermarket vs original manufacturer. Sometimes one is better, sometimes the other. If you are having a problem I would try to swap it out for a Toyota one. Check your auto parts store return policy though, some will allow you to return items that you installed and tested, but took back out if they didn't work properly.

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