Describe the type of student who should attend Riverdale High School. Why?


Anonymous, Student, Riverdale High School, Class of 2018

A typical student at Riverdale High School holds three characteristics: ambitiousness, creativity, and school spirit. Ambition is one of the key characteristics students attain. All students in Riverdale High attend College Prep classes. In these classes we prepare ourselves for college in that subject (biology, english, math, etc). There are also Honors and AP classes many students choose to compete for colleges. There are also AVID classes where we learn about and visit colleges in California. Another quality that keeps us competing with others is school spirit. Once a month, a rally is held in our gym to pump ourselves up for the football, soccer, basketball, and other games. During the rally we play class competitions such as obstacle courses and dancing competitions between the teachers. Riverdale High School also holds Spirit Weeks where we dress up each day to win class points. Win or lose, we are always supporting our teams. The last characteristic students have is creativity. The week that shows that the most is Homecoming week. Like most high schools, Riverdale High holds homecoming for football. All the high school classes (freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors) compete to create the most wackiest or creative float. We also hold dress-up weeks, but with a twist. We hold crazy dress up days such as Gender Swap Day, Disney Duo Day, or Fake an Injury Day. All these activities encourage us to show our team spirit as well as our school spirit. All high schools have different qualities that help them stand out. Being in a high school that usually holds 500 students, we learn to bond with one another. Students work together to beat our rival football team while others stick together to beat their English teacher at the macarena. Whatever characteristic or talent you have, Riverdale High school will take you in.

Anonymous, Parent of student at Riverdale High School

This school is a good fit for any type of student. It is a small county school so they can offer a lot of attention to each child but at the same time they offer a lot of the same opportunity that the larger area schools have. They support leadership skills, the arts/music, sports and academics. They encourage PSO classes as well as AP courses that give the children a head start on their continuing education.

Anonymous, Student, Riverdale High School, Class of 2016

independent, strong, determined, intelligent and motivated. they are happy and healthy and lie to learn until no limits

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