Frequently Asked Questions

Are you sure Noodle is free?
We’re sure. Noodle is completely free and always will be.

Where does your data come from?
We aggregate data from a number of sources, and are adding more all the time. You can see the sources of our data at the bottom of any profile.

I’m a school/university/tutor/other education provider. How did I end up on Noodle?
Our goal at Noodle is to provide parents and students with information about all of their education options. In order to do that, we create profiles for all existing education providers. (Don't see your school or service? Create a profile.)

Can I update or correct the information on my profile?
Yes! You can easily get access to your profile and manage your information so it’s always accurate and up-to-date. On the left side of your profile, scroll down and click the link that says “Claim your profile here.” We’ll contact you shortly to verify that you are authorized to control this profile.

Does it cost anything to claim my school's profile?
No! It's absolutely free to take ownership of your school's profile.

Can I have my school's profile removed from Noodle?
In an effort to give families and students as many options as possible, we do not remove schools from our extensive database.

I found something on your site that’s not accurate.
Please email us at to let us know, and we’ll correct it right away! With more than 800,000 records from a variety of sources, there is the occasional mistake. We strive to provide the best possible, and your feedback helps us do that. If you are a school, university, tutor, or other provider, you can easily get access to your profile and manage your information so it’s always accurate and up-to-date.

What is a Noodle Expert?
An expert is someone we've identified who has demonstrated significant knowledge, interest, and commitment to a particular education topic. This could be a tutor, guidance counselor, school administrator, parent, or even you! Interested in becoming a Noodle Expert? Get more information.

How did Noodle get its name?
To noodle on something means to think about it, and there's no part of education that isn't on our minds. Plus, we just liked it.

Are you hiring?
Yes! Check out our Careers page.

Are there ways to increase the exposure for my school or program on Noodle?
There are! Check out our additional recruiting opportunities.