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Mobile Marketing for your WordPress Site

Discover how to Mobilize Your WP Site, Use Text Messaging to Boost Your Bottom Line and Leverage the Power of QR Codes

Topics: General Business
Cost: $99 Per Course


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If you are one of the owners or developers of one of the 60 million websites powered by WordPress and want to know how to integrate it with mobile, one of the most powerful marketing tools of our lifetime, then you are in the right place.And not just because youre going to find out how to effectively use a WordPress mobile plugin, responsive theme or a mobile theme to mobilize your site (which you will), but because you will also find out how to integrate text messaging into your online marketing and how to use QR codes to drive traffic to your site and build your list.In fact, lets start learning right now Grab your cell phone. (I know you have it right by your side.)Scan the QR Code here to sign up to receive a 3-part email series: Three Checklists for Mobilizing Your WordPress site(If you dont have QR code scanning software, go to the App Store or Google Play and search for Scan Life. Download that app and youre ready to go. If you prefer not to scan a QR code, but want the checklists anyway you can send an email to that? Notice how your cell phone got you more engaged with this web page and now you are on my email list. This is the kind of integrated marketing I will be teaching you in this course. How to do it, how to make sure youre doing it right and giving you tons of examples of what else you can do.Delivered in Accessible Time Blocks: Each webinar lesson is between 11 and 29 minutes long so you can go through this course in the Swiss cheese portions of your day. You know, those short segments of time that are not blocked off by other projects.Instant Access AND the Ability to Ask Questions: This on-demand course delivery format means you can access the course immediately and go through at your own pace. And Udemy, the platform I am using to deliver it, gives you the ability to ask questions after each session. These questions come directly to me and I answer you personally right inside the course.Want another real life mobile marketing example?~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Text KIMD to 69302 for Mobile Marketing Tips via SMS ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Message and Data Rates Apply. You will get up to 5 messages per month and can reply to STOP at anytime or get HELP too. Only works on US numbers (sorry if you are outside the US).In the Mobilize Your WordPress course I will teach you how to set up a text messaging campaign like this and how to use your WordPress site to build your SMS text messaging list. Ill make sure you know how to do this quickly and ethically. (Honestly, you need to know the legal ramifications of doing it wrong and I will make sure you know how to do it safely.)WORDPRESS PLUGIN ALSO INCLUDED: Created exclusively to go with the Mobilize Your WordPress Site Course, the SMS Opt-in Plugin works to market your SMS text messaging campaign from your WordPress site. It is designed to be fully compliant with all mobile marketing best practices and smart marketing principles of permission based mobile marketing.To be clear, it is not a text messaging service. The plug in does not send text messages or collect any information. What it does it create SMS opt-in text in a graphic format that you can easily place on your WordPress sidebar to helkp market your SMS text messaging campaigns.The ONLY way to get the plugin is to enroll in the Mobilize Your WordPress Site course. It is not available anywhere else. Of course, you will know how to use it strategically with your mobile campaigns once you have gone through the course. See you inside the course!


  • Level of Difficulty: Beginner
  • Size: Large Class
  • Instructor: Kim Dushinski
  • Cost: $99 Per Course
  • Institution: Udemy
  • Topics: General Business

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