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How To Rank #1 In Your City With Google Places

Topics: General Business
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Attention Business Owners: Are you tired of being below your competitors in the Google rankings and losing out on potential clients? I Can Help You Get Found By New Leads, And Convert More Clients With The Easiest and Fastest Way To Bounce Above Your Competition Using Googles Own Software Dear Local Business Owner, Do you feel like your business is stuck in the stone-age? Do you struggle to get enough clients at the expense of your competition Are you confused about how to adapt to the business in the 21st century? Do you worry about the future of your business if your next marketing strategy isnt successful and wonder what in the world can you do to get ahead. Would you like to turn on the tap, and have a never ending flow of leads knocking on your door, calling your number and visiting your website...but dont know how and assume any solution would be above your budget and require loads of extra effort? If your answer is yes to any of these questions then keep reading, this information is definitely for you Whether youve been a business owner for a long time or are just starting out youre probably wondering how you can make the most out of the internet. What if you could go from sitting next to the phone, just hoping for it to ring that day to being inundated with qualified leads chasing you for your services? Youll discover that there is a fast track way of becoming the business of choice in your local area as you sit on top of the search engine results. This allows you to put more of your attention on to the other aspects of your business and even enjoy life outside of work a lot more. Imagine having more time for family, friends and doing all the other things your love - rather constantly stressing about where your next client is going to come from. Entering The Google Age... First there were computers, then the internet and now Google. These breakthroughs have all revolutionized the way smart entrepreneurs do business today. 97% of all consumers research online...40% of all internet searches are looking for a local business or product...the number of local searches is increasing 80% every phones enable everyone to have a directory in their pocket wherever they are, at any time. These are powerful trends and for those that are able to adapt, not only will it be a gold mine, but its also flipped the sales and marketing process upside down. Rather than digging for clients, its never been easier for them to find youif you know how to get on the first page of Google that is. When you study Google Places Essentials I will show you how you can leave your competition behind and zoom up the search engine rankings so your business is the one that everyone wants to call.R.I.P Yellow Pages Its so important that you understand the essentials of Google Places now because as the next generation of business owners create their online strategies it is going to get harder and harder to overtake them. Remember, technology and marketing is not going backwards, the chasm between old and new is only going to get further and further apart. And you need to change with it, or get left behind. Heres why Early Adopters Reap the Richest Rewards All the business owners who thought that the Internet was a fad and not relevant for their business are now on struggle street. Theyre unwilling to change their model and are suffering the consequences. Meanwhile the early adopters were able to zoom ahead to the top of the search engine rankings With almost no competition! Some have even fluked their way on to the first page by following just a few simple tips (some without even realizing it). You may not currently be on the first page of Google and thats OK, because Im willing to show you exactly how to do it... So few business owners are utilizing Google Places correctly that the opportunity is still wide open and can see you reserving your first page spot for years to come. But only for those entrepreneurs willing to learn the Google Places Essentials. And heres even better news I will reveal to you simple 7 steps process to dominate Google Places, with the latest breakthrough strategies, techniques, secrets tips and incredible software tools so youre on the cutting edge of this new revolution. Ill teach you how to setup your Google Places listing so that youre practically forcing Google to take note of your business and rank you in the top 10 for your specific search keywords. For example, youll discover How to Dominate Local Search Why Google Places is so Important for Your Business and How it Can Get You on to the Front Page. Step-By-Step Instructions To Create Your Listing Dont Waste Time Messing Around, But Know Precisely How To Register For Best Results. Advanced Optimization Principles 15 Ninja Tips To Tick All Of Googles Boxes To Convince Them Your First Page Material Smart Online Software That Will Do All The Hard Work How To Reverse Engineer Your Competitions Results With To Overtake Them In No Time. Know What Google Really Values On Your Listing Discover Exactly How To Beat Google At Their Own Game Information Your Website Is Currently Missing Learn The Top 5 Simple Changes You Can Make To Your Website Today To Give You A Major Boost The Secret of Geo-Tagging Your Online Photos & Videos How to Utilize Media To Show Google Exactly Where Your Business Is Located How To Turn Leads Into Clients Fast A Strategic Approach Turning Interest Into Profit With Clear Conversion Tips Fast-Track Tips For Staying At The Top How To Remain On The First Page With A Monthly Checklist As you can see the information youll learn is extensive and will put you in the top 0.1% of Google Places listings. And thats just the beginning. Search Engine Optimization Made Easy You may still be worried that its going to be too hard to understand this new technology and then implement for you business. Well, youll be happy to know. I Guarantee Anyone Can Do This I know youre a busy person with limited time to spend learning how Google works. You may even find it confusing and overwhelming. Youre not alone. There are literally millions of business owners being left behind because these new breakthroughs have never been explained to them in an easy step-by-step way, and theyve just ignored this astounding opportunity. Thats specifically why I created Google Places Essentials, Ill guide you through exactly what to do and what not to do. Step 1, Step 2, Step 3 and DONE instructions. Youll be watching my computer screen and listening to my voice as I guide you through each simple step. Going too can go back and do it again. This is not a course for Generation Y internet marketers - it is intended for the everyday business owner however old you are and whatever level of experience online. You'll learn only what you need to without all the extra fluff! The Best Part. Ive made studying Google Places Essentials really affordable for everyone...and rather than come to my office to learn these is completely online in easy video format giving you a huge saving. This is the best marketing investment you could make for you business. Start implementing TODAY!


  • Level of Difficulty: Advanced
  • Size: Large Class
  • Instructor: Andy Hopper
  • Cost: $197 Per Course
  • Institution: Udemy
  • Topics: General Business

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