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Same-sex Weddings for Photographers

Prepare your photography business for gay & lesbian weddings: understand differences, marketing, posing, and more.

Topics: General Art, Photography, General Business, Marketing
Cost: $69 Per Course


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Photographers have been asking me for this, and now I can FINALLY say that it's here! A step-by-step system delivered through an online photography course to show you how to successfully photograph same-sex weddings and market to same-sex couples. If you were thinking about shooting gay weddings -- the time is now -- don't wait any longer. Run, don't walk, because there are huge opportunities waiting for you! Are you ready for the emerging market of same-sex weddings? Many states are legalizing same-sex marriages and that means there are more weddings occurring. More weddings equate to more revenue for photographers! Is your photography business prepared for same-sex couples and are you prepared to photograph these weddings? I know first-hand how lucrative the business of same-sex weddings can be for a photography business. My home state of Massachusetts was the first state to legalize same-sex marriages in 2004 and a study by the Williams Institute reported that we enjoyed a $111 million dollar boost in revenue over the following four-year period. And guess what, it gets even better! New York City announced a $259 million dollar boost in revenue during the first year same-sex marriage was legalized in their state. This is truly an exciting time in history, as well as for those in the wedding industry...The number of people in the market for wedding photographers is growing! Are you ready to make them your clients? I received an email from a photographer a few months ago telling me how they were so excited same-sex marriages were being legalized in their state. This photographer told me how their local photography market was getting a bit crowded and while they have worked hard on providing value that sets them apart from their competition, they wanted to or NEEDED to be ready for same-sex wedding opportunities. And then the photographer asked: Can you please tell me what I need to know about marketing to same-sex couples, preparing my photography business for these couples, and how to confidently photograph a same-sex wedding? I thought, WHOAAA! How am I ever going fit all of the information they need into just email? It clearly wasnt going to fit into a single email! Light bulb moment: how about creating a course with all the information they need to know! Here is that course, the first ever of its kind! Same-sex Weddings for Photographers in its debut release! When you think about photographing same-sex weddings...Are you excited but intimidated? Are you eager but yet hesitant? Not sure if you have the confidence it takes to jump into working with same-sex couples?This is the course that will get you where you want to be -- out there photographing same-sex weddings and enjoying the revenue boost that same-sex marriages are bringing to the wedding business! Get out there now and establish a niche photographing same-sex weddings.By the end of this course you will:Know what "LGBT" means and more...Have background knowledge about the history of same-sex marriages and their legalizationUnderstand the HUGE financial impact same-sex weddings have on the wedding industryHave a gay friendly business (wooohoooo!)Have actionable and effective marketing techniques to specifically target same-sex couplesKnow what to expect at a same-sex wedding and be prepared for the differencesHave the confidence to pose and work with same-sex couplesBe ready to make more revenue with your photography business!Here's what others are saying: Watch the FREE Intro video to get the whole scoop on what you will get from this course!I will also be providing you with materials I use in my business, like:Gender neutral wedding photography contracts template [$49 value]Pre-wedding Questionnaires for Brides and GroomsMore supplemental materials to be added... And I am excited to provide you some video interviews with KEY wedding industry professionals who work with same-sex couples on a regular basis!Question and Answer Sessions and Support along the way... The beauty of an online course is that I can be there for you when you have questions! Your purchase of this course gives you monthly, live Q & A sessions with me where I can help answer any questions you may have. And if you just want to hang out and chat, we can do that too! I will also respond to your written questions on a weekly basis. I will be there with you, along for the ride, helping you create an awesome photography business photographing same-sex couples! Rock on! Kristin Special Holiday pricing of $69 for a limited time only **


  • Level of Difficulty: Beginner
  • Size: Large Class
  • Instructor: Kristin Korpos
  • Cost: $69 Per Course
  • Institution: Udemy
  • Topics: General Art, Photography, General Business, Marketing

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