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Primrose School at Tatum is a private teacher-led, and Montessori center-based preschool in Phoenix, AZ for infants, toddlers, and pre-kindergarteners.


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We Live Our Mission Everyday Primrose is an accredited private preschool that provides a premier educational child care experience. The Leader in Educational Child Care, we partner with parents to help children build the right foundation for future learning and life. Our goal is to help children have fun while building Active Minds, Healthy Bodies and Happy Hearts. Our Vision To deliver the best and most trusted early childhood education and child care services for families across America. Our Values Integrity – Living with personal and professional honestyFairness – Treating others with respectSocial Responsibility – Giving without expectingEnthusiasm – Serving with passion The Primrose Experience and Its Four Distinct Elements: 1. Our People and Our Culture create a caring and nurturing environment and build trusted relationships. *Vision *Values *Principles of Service 2. Our Balanced Learning System supports children’s social-emotional, cognitive, creative and physical development. *Balanced Learning Curriculum *Classroom equipment and materials *Multiple forms of assessment *Extensive training for teachers 3. Our Standards of Excellence provide quality assurance and continuous improvement. *Internal Service Excellence Assurance (SEA) *External AdvancED™ Corporation Systems and School Accreditation 4. Our Partnership with Parents establishes a strong connection for the benefit of the children entrusted to our care. *Parent Orientation *Parent Communication *Parent Resources Primrose provides the right foundation for our children and peace of mind for our parents.


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Facility Type:Center-Based Preschool Ages:Not Available
Institution Type:Private Gender:Coeducational
Established:Not Available Religion:Not Available
Licensed:Yes Dress Code:No Dress Code


Teaching Philosophy
Core Knowledge, Teacher-Led, Montessori

The Primrose Balanced Learning philosophy is based on the sound research and best practices of renowned early education experts such as Arnold Gesell, Jean Piaget, Maria Montessori, Lev Vygotsky and Erik Erickson.  Each of these experts offered different perspectives on the most important aspects of early education.   Our Balanced Learning philosophy is named as such because we balance these theories in our curriculum. *Child Initiated: Experts such as Montessori, Gesell, and Piaget believed that a child’s physical and cognitive development occur over time in predictable, sequential stages or milestones. As your child plays and interacts with her environment, she constructs meaning about how the world works. In essence, she takes charge of her own learning. In the Primrose classroom, your child has ample opportunities to choose her own learning activities during Children’s Choice Centers, Learning Rotations, and outdoor play. *Teacher Guided: Experts such as Vygotsky believe that children learn about their world best by interacting with people. These theorists believe that children will reach their full potential through guidance and modeling by adults. In the Primrose classroom, trained teachers help your child stretch his mind by demonstrating, asking questions, encouraging, and guiding. These activities include the repetition and practice that experts believe play an important role in memory and retention. *Social-Emotional: Whether initiating learning on her own or being guided by teachers, you can be comfortable knowing that your child feels safe and emotionally secure. Your child develops a sense of trust because teachers give her unparalleled personal attention, care, and guidance. Teachers understand Erickson’s emotional stages that guide them in responding to the feelings of your child. *Character Development: As your child discovers and expands his intellectual capabilities and self-worth, he also learns the value of being responsible and treating others with honesty and respect. Primrose puppet friends help teach and remind your child about essential character traits and behaviors that help him become an engaged citizen. The Primrose Balanced Learning philosophy drives the decisions we make as we develop curriculum, assessments, and other learning experiences for your child. Integrated Theme-Based Units of Learning allow your child to balance her learning among each of the seven learning domains.  Our Primrose Balanced Learning philosophy is one of the main reasons parents tell us that they choose Primrose. *Theme-Based Learning *Enrichment Programs *Character Development Programs *Academic Curriculum

Programs and Tuition

Program Types
Infant Care, Pre-K, Preschool
Class Type Age Range School Days Hours
Infant 6 weeks – 1 years N/A N/A
Toddler 1 – 2 years N/A N/A
2's 2 – 3 years N/A N/A
3's 3 – 4 years N/A N/A
Pre-K 4 – 5 years N/A N/A
Kindergarten 5 – 6 years N/A N/A
All classes N/A M, T, W, Th, F 6:30 a.m. – 6:30 p.m.
Schedule School Days Hours
Full-day M, T, W, Th, F 6:30 a.m. – 6:30 p.m.

Health and Safety

The Primrose Environment Learning and Fun for Your Child. Peace of Mind for You. The Comforts of Home You and your child will love the friendliness and warmth of our franchise owners and staff along with the outstanding early learning experience they provide. Well-equipped classrooms for each age group create a safe, fun, home-like atmosphere that supports learning, exploration and play. Our student-to-teacher ratios ensure that each child receives personal attention and loving care. Staff members use multiple forms of parent communication to keep you informed about your child’s life at school, and special events provide additional opportunities for your involvement in school-wide activities. The kitchen staff provides well-balanced, nutritional meals and snacks, including an additional late-afternoon snack. Safety First: Our Most Important Priority Primrose Schools implements the highest standards of safety and security. We review and update our rigorous Health and Safety policies and procedures regularly to ensure that we daily enfoce the most up-to-date quality standards. Here are just a few of the many ways we protect your child: *Our Health Practices *Controlled Access to Our Schools *Playing It Safe: Your Child and the Primrose Playground Our Health Practices Cleanliness: In every age group, teachers follow strict standards to maintain a sanitary environment. These standards include regularly washing and disinfecting hands (of both staff and children), toys, cribs, mattresses, sheets, blankets, cots, and equipment. Food Handling: Our Health and Safety policies include detailed procedures for preparing, handling and storing food. Safe bottle-warming procedures, instructions for receiving and storing food items for infants, and our practice of using plastic bottles and paper/plastic products enhance classroom safety for all ages. Other Healthy Practices: *Ensuring frequent hydration before, during, and after outdoor play *Limiting or cancelling outdoor play when air quality is poor *Establishing restrictions that prohibit hazardous items being present in the classrooms, such as beanbag chairs, infant walkers, infant swings, jump ropes, glass products, etc., including exposure to live plants to developmentally appropriate science activities. *Enforcing restrictions for a peanut- and tree-nut-free environment, as well as other thorough processes and procedures related to other specific child allergies, and ensuring how to prevent allergic reactions and how to respond if one occurs. Controlled Access to Our Schools Single-Entry Security System: A member of the school’s management team is available in the reception area to greet parents and authorized visitors who request entry into the building. Either a management member accompanies authorized visitors while in the school or we provide them with proper identification display before being allowing them to proceed past the reception area. Front Door Code System: The front doors of each school are locked at all times and may be accessed only by entering a code. Daily Sign-In: Each child is signed in and out at the front desk every day and is released only to those individuals whom parents have authorized in writing on the enrollment application to pick up their child. Playing It Safe: Your Child and the Primrose Playground Fun Exploration with an Emphasis on Safety: Each Primrose playground is considered an extension of the classroom. Supervision is important, and training for supervision of children is thorough to ensure children are safe and secure while climbing, sliding and exploring on the playground. Playgrounds are built with state-of-the-art equipment designed for age-appropriate physical development. We separate playgrounds by age groups and use equipment specific to each developmental stage. Our staff inspects our playgrounds daily; management team members inspect them monthly, and we certify the playgrounds yearly to meet and exceed national standards. Maintenance Standards: All Primrose Schools playgrounds are fenced and meet the U.S. Consumer Safety Commission Guidelines. Daily Inspections: Our staff inspects the playground daily for sticks, broken toys, loose fencing, unlocked gates, and other potential problems. Monthly Inspection and Maintenance: To ensure optimum safety of our equipment and to minimize potential safety hazards on the grounds, we conduct a thorough monthly inspection using a 36-step inspection checklist. Annual Certified Playground Safety Inspections: Once a year, a certified playground safety inspector inspects our playgrounds and we keep the inspection report on file at the school. This certified inspection is one of the many health and safety requirements included in our Service Excellence Assurance Program. THE PRIMROSE SCHOOLSVISION & VALUES

Food Provided
Obesity has become an epidemic in today’s society. Inactivity and poor food choices have led to a drastic increase in overweight children and early diabetes. This is why we teach smart choices regarding good nutrition as part of our Balanced Learning Curriculum. Primrose Schools promotes a strong school-to-home connection and encourages parents to partner with us to reinforce healthy habits.  Good nutrition is a cornerstone of our Healthy Bodies initiative which promotes healthy eating and an active lifestyle. Primrose Schools commits to helping educate children and parents about proper nutrition and choosing a balanced diet so they can build Active Minds, Healthy Bodies and Happy Hearts. Meals and snacks, included as part of the tuition at Primrose Schools, are well-balanced and designed to meet children’s nutritional needs without giving them excessive additives or sugar. The menus are healthy and child-friendly with a focus on fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and proper vitamins and minerals for a growing child.  Balanced Nutrition is part of our commitment to provide the best each day for each child at Primrose.

Associations and Memberships

Southern Association Of Colleges And Schools

North Central Association of Colleges and Schools, The Higher Learning Commission

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