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The Learning Experience of South Lyon Twp

The Learning Experience of South Lyon Twp is a private center-based preschool in South Lyon Twp., MI for infants, toddlers, and pre-kindergarteners.


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We opened our early childcare and preschool center, The Learning Experience® of South Lyon, MI in January of 2007 based around our one core philosophy: You want the best for your do we!  This drives everything we do in caring for children as young as six weeks old. We are committed to giving parents a healthy, fun and educational alternative to standard daycare that works for the whole family.  We deliver by having the brightest, cleanest, safe and secure brand new building.  Our classrooms are carefully separated by age groups full of happy children with dedicated top notch long-term teachers. We also offer a highly nutritional food program and the best, professionally developed curriculum.The Learning Experience® in South Lyon also offers a wide array of "funtastic" enrichments to provide a well-rounded, joyous education.  These enrichments are all included in our regular tuition! All children, from infants to Pre-K, benefit from Suddenly Science®, Start To Art®, Marvelous Math®, Music 4 Me®, and Dancing Feet®.  These enrichments are taught by experts specially educated to cater to the needs of small children and their developing minds and bodies.  Spanish language lessons and our award winning early reading program, Fun with Phonics®, also included in the tuition, begin at age 3.  After the second year of Fun with Phonics®, many children are reading at the first grade level!For outdoor play, we have two professionally designed, separate and age appropriate play areas so all children can explore their limits safely.  Our children also benefit from our additional acre of fenced, grassy grounds for additional activities.  While we go outdoors as much as possible with the children, sometimes the weather just doesn't permit.   That's when our beautiful indoor "Make Believe Boulevard®, dubbed a "mini- Disneyland", offers a dramatic play area for children to express themselves and be active.We want to make your family life as smooth as possible.  We assist with before and after school care and transportation to and from elementary schools and do not close for inclement weather.  We are open from 6:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m., have a variety of custom scheduling options for you, and offer a "Parent's Night Out" on a regular basis.  Summer Camp is great fun for children up to age 10 and even includes off-site field trips for older campers.We believe that we provide the best environment for your child to grow, enjoy, and begin a successful journey in life.  We invite you to come for a visit in South Lyon, contact our extensive references and see if you agree.We are located at 53318 Ten Mile Road, South Lyon MI 48178.  Telephone: [email protected]OU WILL LOVE US!

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Facility Type:Center-Based Preschool Ages:Not Available
Institution Type:Private Gender:Coeducational
Established:Not Available Religion:Not Available
Licensed:Yes Dress Code:No Dress Code


The Learning Experience believes that how children learn is as important as what they learn; therefore, we have created an innovative and exciting preschool curriculum. We call our proprietary curriculum L.E.A.P. (The Learning Experience Academic Program). L.E.A.P. encourages each child to achieve success independently while developing intellectually, socially, and physically. Our preschool program is broken up into three completely separate classes according to chronological age and developmental stage. Conceived and written by our own Curriculum Department at The Learning Experience Corporate Headquarters, L.E.A.P. provides our preschool teachers with a comprehensive monthly curriculum. Children in this age group are involved in hands-on activities that encourage them to explore and solve problems at their own rate of development. Children in the Little Learners group receive their personal age-appropriate L.E.A.P. book each month. The book contains a wide variety of activities that involve problems in logic, math, reading, phonics and writing skills. Each month has a different theme. Little Learners start in the Infants room and continuing through the Preppers room. My Little L.E.A.P.Book is designed just for Preppers acquainted with the habit of sitting and completing a workbook. Each page consists of a different concept: colors, shapes, numbers, sequencing, and letter awareness (one page a week). L.E.A.P. I is designed for children in our Preschool 1 age group. It is a step up from My Little L.E.A.P. Book; it consists of one workbook page per day. L.E.A.P. I includes writing readiness, numbers, counting, phonics, shapes and colors. L.E.A.P. II is designed for children in our Preschool 2 age group. It is a step up from L.E.A.P. I; it consists of two workbook pages per day. L.E.A.P. II includes numbers, colors, shapes, counting, number writing, sequencing, spatial concepts, measurement and other math concepts. L.E.A.P. Interactive is TLE's next generation of curriculum. Designed to enhance the monthly themed L.E.A.P. curriculum, children interact with the cutting-edge touch technology on a large screen, while experiencing real-time videos and eye-opening destinations via Google Earth. They can travel the world without ever leaving the classroom. They are also taught to use other unique tech tools like "fill it", "shape it", "draw it", and "spotlight". At the end of the month, the child's L.E.A.P. Interactive workbook is filled with their "I did this activity on the L.E.A.P. Interactive board" stickers. At the end of each week there is a weekly observation checklist, where each child is evaluated on that week's work. The L.E.A.P. books are sent home monthly with each child when completed. Each month children receive a new L.E.A.P. book with a bright, colorful theme based on the seasons and holidays. Inside they learn about shapes, colors, numbers and letters. L.E.A.P. books are designed to help parents understand the concepts their child is learning each month. At the end of each week the teacher evaluates the child's work using the Observation Checklist. The books are also a wonderful learning tool for parents who can revisit the concepts with their children at home after the month is complete.


Programs and Tuition

Program Types
Infant Care, Pre-K, Preschool
Class Type Age Range School Days Hours
Infant 0 – 1 years N/A N/A
Toddler 1 – 2 years N/A N/A
2's 2 – 3 years N/A N/A
3's 3 – 4 years N/A N/A
Pre-K 4 – 5 years N/A N/A
Kindergarten 5 – 6 years N/A N/A

Health and Safety

Food Provided
The Learning Experience® (TLE) serves both morning and afternoon snacks that are nutritious and "child friendly". Snacks are prepared in a licensed and approved on site kitchen facility. When lunch is provided, it is prepared by a licensed cook from menus approved by a registered dietician. TLE is sensitive to dietary needs of our multi-cultural society. Parents are asked to indicate upon enrollment if there are any food restrictions and or food allergies that apply to their children. The center complies with all local health ordinances, inspections and state recommended guidelines regarding children's nutrition. A cook is hired to prepare lunch when the center's enrollment has reached 75 children eating table food. New centers may not offer lunch programs upon opening. In that case, parents send in home-made lunches. Refrigeration is provided if needed.

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