When can we visit campus and school?


Megan Luu, College graduate

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Hi! In general, the best thing to do would be to contact the college campus you're interested in visiting and setting up a tour. You can find contact and tour information on the college's main website. The tour information can be found here; you can register for a student & family tour, group tour or even see the schedule for open houses! The open houses are in the fall and give you a chance to experience both the academic life and residential life; this is a great way to see if you think the school is a good fit. If possible, you should see if you can sit in on a class to really get the full experience! In addition, this university actually has an online virtual tour that you can check out. Just remember that everything has to be registered for and scheduled in advance. I would also highly recommend exploring the college website to read and learn more about their academics, admissions process and student experience!

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