Asked about: West High School

Would you recommend attending West High School if you had the choice? Why or why not?


Anonymous, Student, West High School, Class of 2016

West High school is a special school, and being a student there is a privilege. Not only was West my neighborhood school, but I chose to go there. Most the kids in my neighborhood went to entitled white kid schools instead. I am so grateful for my decision; going to West helps me be more open-minded every day and accepting of people, wherever they are from, or however they think. I definitely recommend West.

Anonymous, Student, West High School, Class of 2016

The funds aren't where everyone would like but West high is a good school that everyone should be proud of. I would reccomend West because of our exemplary faculty.

Anonymous, Student, West High School, Class of 2016

Although West High isn't known to be the best high school in the nation, it is absolutely a school I would personally recommend in attending if I had the choice. This school contains teachers who care about students so much that the teachers go out of their way to help them pass the class. Some teachers I had would stay after school hours to help me understand a concept I didn't fully comprehend in class. The campus is fairly nice and easy to find classes as well. The whole school overall is great and I for one am glad my parents had me attend West High.

Anonymous, Student, West High School, Class of 2017

I would definitely recommend attending this school. I would recommend attending this school because it is a fairly nice learning environment with very nice teachers. In all honesty, I know it may not be the best school in the nation, but I'm sure most, if not all, would love to attend this amazing school.

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