What is a typical Brooklyn Technical High School student like? Describe the type of person who should attend Brooklyn Technical High School.


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so the elevators are dangerous. They sometimes get stuck and is crowded. One time, it dropped with many people in it but it didn't fall to the basement. It fell about 3 floors then went back up. It happened twice...in the same elevator. the elevators sometimes don't move. Many people like more than half of the school, vapes or juuls. The workload is a lot so don't come if you can't deal with it. Many people cheat lol. There is a discovery program if your score wasn't able to reach the cut off but was able to reach the cut off for the discovery program resulting in everyone who juuls or something. Not everyone works hard more like cheat but this is in all school. Like Stuy for example. There is many more but ....... whatevs. My friend said ppl do "it" in the bathroom 👌👈🍆🍑💦 if you get what i mean. Not all schools are as innocent as you think. At least there is a diversity. people will piss u off and teachers will give long tests that no one finishes, everyone hates ddp unless you have Fung etc. I'm gonna stop because I feel like this will be reported but I just want to give an actual answer not a fake cheesy one. Great a school is quirky or hard working. Like all schools. We need info people can actually use. Teachers don't always follow the school rules and people can be jerks but I don't there is bullying in this school unless it's friend bullying. Tech rips you off. Students fear the elevators since it fell multiple times and got stuck. Like other schools. i'm not checking my grammar btw. THERE IS NO AC not joking. Out of my 10 classes, one class has AC so it gets hot. Wear some shorts in the summer. I can give more info if I want but Nah. Tech is a great school but the hallways are so crowded with ppl hugging each other like gtfo of my way. DISCLAIMER: ALL SCHOOL LIKE BARUCH OR STUY OR BRONX SCIENCE ETC... HAVE MANY SMOKING PROBLEMS, BROKEN ELEVATORS, JERKS TEACHERS THAT DON'T CARE ABOUT ANYONE ESPECIALLY GUIDANCE COUNSELORS WHO KNOW NOTHING. (my counselor knows nothing) THIS WAS AS HONEST AS I CAN GET WHETHER ITS FOR RESEARCH FOR A STUDENT OR A PARENT, IM JUST SAYING THE TRUTH.

Anonymous, Student, Brooklyn Technical High School, Class of 2016

The average Brooklyn Technical Student are friendly, competitive (even when they don't really show it), and know what they want and how to get it.

Anonymous, Student, Brooklyn Technical High School, Class of 2017

If your going to attend this school be ready. The work is hard and you are expected to keep up with the fast paced lessons. You will learn to balance your social life with your educational life. The typical student is determined, intelligent, and has a drive to succeed.

Anonymous, Student, Brooklyn Technical High School, Class of 2016

A typical Brooklyn Technical High school student would be hard-working, constantly being challenged and challenging himself/herself daily. He or she enjoys figuring out how something is accomplish or why something is happening( my school is the largest high school for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics in the United States after all). People who should attend Brooklyn Technical High school should be both diligent and determined.

Anonymous, Student, Brooklyn Technical High School, Class of 2017

Since students have to pass the Specialized High School Admissions Test (SHSAT) to be considered for Brooklyn Technical High School, they must show dedication for their studies. I've, personally, studied for the SHSAT since the summer before 7th grade, and many of other Technites started studying even earlier. Once students start attending Tech, it's easy for them to cripple under all the stress. Therefore, an easy-going person who knows how to over-come every obstacle thrown at him/her should definitely attend this school. Another quality that a typical Technite has is being sociable. Friends are an easy way of getting your mind off that huge test coming up next Friday, and other situations.

Anonymous, Student, Brooklyn Technical High School, Class of 2016

A typical student is very outspoken and reaches out to everyone. My school has 5000 students so it can be troublesome at times to stand out from the crowd and to have our voices heard. However, if we have any concerns we try to speak up about it. For instance, after the controversial rulings in the deaths of Eric Garner and Michael Brown many students felt uneasy about these social justice situations and how they were handled. Students arranged a rally around downtown Brooklyn that ended at Fort Greene Park. They made signs, sang chants and fought for a cause. It was evident they were displeased.

Brooklyn Tech students rallying against rulings

Furthermore, amongst all these passionate students is an all-around caring atmosphere where each student tries assisting one another whenever possible. Everyone lends a hand to those who are struggling with whatever problem, such as eating disorders, failing grades or family problems. We try to create a community where no one is judged physically, emotionally or mentally, and we try to acknowledge that everyone is different, especially in such a highly populated and diverse school.

Someone who is caring, vocal, hardworking and friendly should attend Brooklyn Tech. These qualities are essential and are at the core of what makes us a specialized high school that stands up for what we believe in.

Anonymous, Student, Brooklyn Technical High School, Class of 2016

A typical Brooklyn Tech student is not ordinary. Usually very smart and in a way "nerdy." The type of person that should attend this school should be able to face that fact that this school is extremely difficult and should be able to work under lots of stress and little sleep.

Anonymous, Student, Brooklyn Technical High School, Class of 2015

The typical Brooklyn Technical High School student is a warrior. Brooklyn Tech is a huge school, with a student body nearing 6,000 kids. Most students come from small schools to this mammoth of a building where students learn to be expert navigators as well as efficient adapters to every new challenge. Brooklyn Tech students have incredible agility; in a school with ten floors, most have learned how to get to class in under four minutes from six floors down without using the occasionally broken elevators. This is also a testament to the leg strength of a Tech student; I would bet that, on average, the typical Brooklyn Tech student can squat more than the average student in a smaller school. Brooklyn Tech students are competitive. We take every challenge, academic or otherwise, and never fail to do our best while keeping a smile on our face. Though we do sometimes suffer through tedious assignments and tough teachers, the all-nighters and the hard work we put in serve as a bonding experience. Brooklyn Tech students, as a community, tend to be quirky and open-minded, so it is easy to feel accepted and be who you want to be. The school's size and ideological diversity ensures that you will create more than a few long-lasting, personal connections. The type of person who should attend Brooklyn Tech is someone who is up for a challenging but supporting environment and is willing to reap what they sow in personal growth.

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