What is a typical Rose Hill High School student like? Describe the type of person who should attend Rose Hill High School.


Anonymous, Student, Rose Hill High School, Class of 2016

A typical Rose Hill student is one with the right blend of work ethic and curiosity. Students at Rose Hill rend to be incredibly passionate about whatever interest they hold, with this passion comes a relentless drive to pursue whatever passion they have. A student at Rose Hill will also know to ask questions, to always keep wondering why. A person who would attend Rose Hill would have to both be driven and be curious; the people at Rose Hill are quite warm and accepting and thus would readily accept anyone that seems to have that certain grit about them.

Anonymous, Student, Rose Hill High School, Class of 2015

Some of us think we're hicks, because we live in the country, but I think the typical Rose Hill student is an athlete. Because we're a small school, it's easy to get involved and get a position on any of our many sports teams. Plus, we love to wear sweats and a t-shirt to class every single day. Anyone who wants to get involved in many different extracurriculars or athletics would be a good fit at Rose Hill. We're a little lacking in school spirit, however.

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