Which 3 extracurricular activities at East Canton High School are most popular? Which extracurriculars would you recommend?


Anonymous, Student, East Canton High School, Class of 2016

Small schools have big opportunities, such as East Canton. We may not have every sport available, but the ones we do offer, students support their teammates at every game, match, and performance. I believe that our Hornet Marching Band, football team, and basketball team are the most popular extracurricular activities at my school. At every game, the student section is cheering on our teams along at any game, dressing up to support Breast Cancer, or in our school colors. The same players you see on the football field you will see at the basketball game either playing or cheering on their fellow class mates. Our pep band is also the same people who played during every football game and performed an outstanding half time show with our own student as field commander. I would recommend any of our Fine Arts activities such as marching band, choir, and show choir, along with our basketball and volleyball teams. Being involved in a small school district these are the activities that bring our town together. A spirit club was created to generate themes and spirit days for football and volleyball games, along with spirit days for the weeks leading up to homecomings and prom. The town was in a uproar last fall when our band qualified for State competitions in Dayton. Signs were made, and the band along with a "fan club" including family members, teachers, and friends rode on a bus down to Dayton to celebrate our band's greatest achievement; qualifying for state for the very first time in the history of East Canton High school.

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