Which 3 extracurricular activities at Gretchen Whitney High School are most popular? Which extracurriculars would you recommend?


Anonymous, Student, Gretchen Whitney High School, Class of 2019

The 3 extracurricular activities at Gretchen Whitney High School are the robotics club, the Key Club, and the sports teams that Whitney offers. The only extracurricular activity that is recommendable in the least bit is the robotics club. I have heard that people can experience immense amounts of some unknown substance called “fun”. However, I have also heard about the downside to the robotics club: the commitment that is required. The club requires all of your time, and you must be able to attend all of the meetings, regardless of your schedule or what your parents plan for you. If you can’t make a meeting, they will look down on you as a “lower” team member. They never forget, and they never forgive. However, if you are willing to accept the cold hard truth, then the robotics club is right for you.

Anonymous, Student, Gretchen Whitney High School, Class of 2018

At Gretchen Whitney High School, three extracurricular activities that stand out to the others include the Whitney Robotics Team, the Whitney High School Band, and Key Club. There is a wide variety of extracurricular activities, but those three are the most popular within the high school.

As a member of the Whitney High School Music Program, I highly recommend this extracurricular. While surrounded by bandmates that play instruments similar and different to each other, students learn the importance of team work as they collectively keep tempo, adjust volume and pitch, and flow with the rhythm. All these skills and more, helps the ensemble keep the quality of their sound during a musical performance.

Anonymous, Student, Gretchen Whitney High School, Class of 2016

Whitney offers many different ways for students to get involved in the school and the community. Students can join various clubs and activities based on their interests and future ambitions. Sports like girls volleyball, clubs like Key Club, and activities like performing arts, are popular at our school. Personally, I would recommend joining the yearbook staff, a club, and a sport.

As a yearbook staffer, I felt more connected to the student body as I photographed them at different events and interviewed them with the copy writers. It is especially rewarding at the end of the year because we see the yearbook, the physical item comprised of all the effort and love the yearbook staff put into it.

Since I was a young Girl Scout, service has been a big part of my life. Once I reached high school however, Key Club has completely taken over so that service is my life. With fellow Key Clubbers, it feels really good to wake up early on Saturdays to help make the mornings of others a little better.

There is something about being a part of a team and a bigger family that makes playing a sport at school so enjoyable. The support that I feel from my soccer and swim teammates is loving. Even though I don't play soccer anymore and I just focus on swimming, I am still close to my soccer teammates and that is a wonderful feeling. Practices together and struggling together creates a bond between people.

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