I have a 16 yr. old granson who has ADD but is very smart. He needs help with math & organizational skills/study habits. He is a good kid but does have trouble focusing which I think can be corrected with 1:1 or smaller class situations. Is he the kind of client you could work with?


Anonymous, ADD/ADHD

The Tutoring Center specializes in students with ADD/ADHD - in fact, the TTC system was founded based on Ph. D. research done by Dr. Thalheimer with students who had ADD/ADHD and worked so well that he decided to try it for students without ADD. Suggest you find a Tutoring Center close to you.

Will Carington, works for Noodle

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To find out more about Stephen's areas of expertise, contact him directly by clicking the "Book Tutor" button on his Noodle profile. You'll then be taken to the site he uses to make arrangements for tutoring sessions.

I've also gone ahead and set up a Noodle search here for tutors in your area who specialize in working with kids with ADD/ADHD. You can filter your search by checking any of the appropriate boxes in the "Learning Differences" section of the search column on the left side of the screen.

Hope this helps!

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