Which 3 extracurricular activities at Howard High School are most popular? Which extracurriculars would you recommend?


Anonymous, Student, Howard High School, Class of 2016

At Howard High School, 3 popular extracurricular activities include Leading Each Other (LEO), National Honor Society (NHS), and participation (of both players and spectators) in interscholastic sports. LEO consists of sophomore students and above meeting once every other week to mentor freshmen who struggle with transitioning into high school, organize spirit activities around the school, and participate in bonding events to help foster school unity. Many students at Howard are also in National Honor Society where as a group, we organize and involve ourselves in community service projects. Sports games, tournaments, and meets are important to Howard because they are opportunities for our school to show pride, spirit, and strategy. Extracurriculars I would recommend are Student Government Association (SGA), Science Olympiad, and Cross Country. These groups are extremely organized, effective, and enjoyable. Being involved in these groups since my freshman year, I strongly believe that without them, I would not be as fit, positive, confident, and happy. A high school experience is not whole without extracurriculars.

Anonymous, Student, Howard High School, Class of 2016

I think the 3 most popular extracurricular activities at Howard High are: Best Buddies, Sports, and National Honor Society. I would highly recommend Best Buddies, this club teaches you so much about special needs students and what friendship is truly about. I would also recommend joining a sports team, it teaches you a lot about time management and teamwork.

Anonymous, Student, Howard High School, Class of 2018

The three most popular activities at Howard High School are our: - Theater Program - Many people support our sports teams. (Especially varsity football) - JROTC I am personally involved in our Legacy Step Team and a soon to be member of JROTC and our softball team. Our step team are a close group of young ladies who enjoy the company of people who like what we do. We enjoy performing and competing against other schools and counties. I would definitely recommend these extracurricular activities to anyone who is going to be apart of our Howard High School family. GO LIONS.

Anonymous, Parent of student at Howard High School

One activity at Howard High School that is popular is the vast number of sports teams that we have, which include: football, soccer, and lacrosse. Some clubs that are very popular include Best Buddies and Pink Ribbon Club. Best Buddies is a club that connects students with intellectual disabilities with a buddy at our school. Pink Ribbon Club is dedicated toward raising money to help find a cure for breast cancer. Some extracurricular activities that I recommend are: Student Government Association, National Honor Society, and National Math Honor Society.

Anonymous, Student, Howard High School, Class of 2016

The three most popular extracurriculars would definitely our boys and girls lacrosse team, as well as the Best Buddies club. This past year, our Boys team won the state championship, and our girls team made it to the state final! These games truly put our program and school on the map... and we are well known for our outstanding lacrosse program. As for best buddies, it is a club that half the school is involved in. Best buddies is a program where special needs kids are paired with other kids in every grade. Our program has been one of the biggest successes throughout the whole county. I would definitely recommend joining Best Buddies because it is a great way for the school to come together and it is truly an eye opener and generally makes the students feel good.

Anonymous, Student, Howard High School, Class of 2015

Three extracurricular activities that are popular at Howard High school are SGA, FBLA, Baking Club. Extracurricular activities that I would recommend are Skills USA, FBLA, National Honor Society

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