Which 3 extracurricular activities at Wakefield High School are most popular? Which extracurriculars would you recommend?


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Anonymous, Student, Wakefield High School, Class of 2016

Academic Advisory Council: This is an academic council I started on my own. This Council is a place where students and teachers can have a voice in the classes that they are taking. They can suggest changes to current classes or add classes. The Council will take these suggestions and present them to school administration. For example, French student were upset that there wasn’t an AP French class. After working with administration, the Council was able to add an AP French class. The Council also has other positive effects in the academic environment at our school.

Social Awareness Club: This is a community service club. We do several small projects such as raising money for various charities and volunteering at a soup kitchen.

Marching Band: Our school is known for its music. Almost everyone is involved in music, and marching band is just one way to get involved. There is even stuff to do for people who are not musically inclined.

Anonymous, Student, Wakefield High School, Class of 2016

The three most popular clubs at Wakefield are the Interact Club, the Asian Club, and the Best Buddies Club. The Best Buddies and Interact Clubs can attribute much of their popularity to the relevance of those credentials on important documents like applications for college and scholarships. The Asian Club is a genuine club because it is teeming with students from other countries looking to carry on traditions from their homeland while still assimilating to American society by acquiring knowledge about other cultures. But if I had to recommend two clubs, it would be the school chieftain and the It's Academic Team. The chieftain boats a jubilant supervisor that creates an environment that shadows that of an actual newspaper, giving you more motivation to write and thus increasing the quality of your work. The It's Academic Team is appealing because you have reasonable chance of being on television which is a unique opportunity and you get a very useful experience relating to general trivia and obscure facts.

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