Describe the type of student who should attend Syracuse University. Why?



Going back to school is going to be a challenge. Especially after 10 years of working but I'm up to the challenge. This will give me the competitive edge I need to succeed.


A student who is looking for something to pursue or is unsure of what they'd like Syracuse University offers a plethora of options and opportunities to explore both intrapersonally and interpersonally. The university offers an expansive range and variety of majors and minors for any and all who inquire to attend.


The type of student that should attend Syracuse is one who is ready to take on an adventure of learning and willing to engage in the infectious school spirit. I choose Syracuse because of the choices that were offered. This will enable me to open my mind to all sorts of classes and activities. The school spirit is AWESOME. I feel honored to be part of this family and support our teams. Syracuse is really interesting. Everyone I meet or speak to have all good things to say and are willing to open their arms to help you.

Anonymous, Student, Syracuse University, Class of 2017

The type of person who should attend Syracuse is someone who is motivated. Someone who knows why they are going to school and what it takes to succeed. Someone with passion and perseverance who is going to work hard to gain the knowledge needed. Someone who has set goals and is looking to achieve them.

Anonymous, Student, Syracuse University, Class of 2016

The great thing about Syracuse is the diversity of the school. Not just in academics but also students and faculty. Syracuse is not only a prestigious university that is top rated in several of their programs, but they are also one of the leaders in job placement. there really is no wrong type of student for Syracuse University and I am proud to be enrolled at such a highly regarded institution.

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